Saturday, January 24, 2009

Shooting Film...well not just yet.

Nearly every day, Adrian gives me an update on the price of the Nikon D700. Obviously he's trying to talk me into getting one, but I'm not sure why. Is it because it's a great full-frame digital SLR and the logical next step addition to my camera bag? Is it because it would make him feel better about buying one himself, and help him explain the purchase to his wife?

Is he trying to ruin me financially?

It doesn't really matter why he's doing it or how often, I simply can't afford one. However the idea does tend to stick in my head a bit and that got me thinking about Ken Rockwell, who's a big fan of full-frame and a big fan of film. While digital cameras have certainly rekindled my interest in photography and have allowed me to learn a great deal, I can't afford to get on the treadmill of buying the next greatest thing. Well maybe I could, but I'd be living in my car. I decided to follow Ken's advice and stick some film in my old camera. I've got a bag full of good equipment that hasn't seen much use in the past few years because I've been concentrating on the instant gratification of the digital photo world. I haven't finished the first roll yet, but for now here are some examples of the fun you can have merging the old world with the new.

I stuck the lens of my point-and-shoot digital up against the viewfinder of my old SLR to show what we used to see in the old days before we had screens on the back of our cameras. (This was harder than you might think. It takes a steady hand and lots of fiddling to get the positioning right.)

This is the kind of thing we used to see when taking pictures: (Contax RTS)

Self portrait through the viewfinder:

Self portrait attracts Emily's attention:

Emily always adds that certain something to photos:

I'll post some film shots when they're ready!